Become A Grill Guru and Elevate Your BBQ Game


Barbeque cooking style is undeniably primal. The crackling fire, the smoky aroma, and the juicy, tender meat are sensory experiences that bonds family and friends. Throwing some burgers on the grate in your backyard is good but becoming a bonafide grill guru needs more effort. It needs you to understand the art of fire, flavour, and technique.

Tips to become a grill guru


For successful barbeque, never wait until your guests arrive to start prepping. Decide your menu in advance but ensure to take into account dietary restrictions and potential allergies. For maximum flavour infusions marinate the meat overnight. It will also break down muscle fiber, resulting in juicier and more tender final product. If you are using a smoker like Masterbuilt 800, preheat it well to ensure consistent temperature for slow-cooking. A little planning in advance goes a long way providing a stress-free, successful barbecue experience.

Assemble grilling arsenal

BBQs 2U is the best destination to look for relevant and resourceful grilling tools and accessories. A sturdy spatula for flipping burgers, long-handled tongs for maneuvering larger cuts and a good quality grill brush allows cleaning on completion. Invest in a reliable instant-read thermometer to ensure meat is cooked ideally, avoiding the dreaded undercooked disaster. Organize your tools and keep them within reach.

Understand heat zones

Most grills have areas of direct heat right over the coals or bruners and cooler zones further away. Use direct heat zones for searing steaks or burger, while cooler zones for perfect slow-cooking ribs or vegetables. Kamado Joe Classic 2 grills have thick ceramic walls. It excels at creating consistent heat zones, making the environment ideal for high heat searing and low-slow smoking.

Avoid sticking

To prevent sticking, ensure to preheat the grill and lightly oil the surface before placing the food. Use high-smoke point oil like avocado or canola oil as it can handle the high temperature without burning. If food does get stuck, don’t force it. Let it sit there for some time cooking and it will be prepared to freely release with a gentle nudge of the spatula.

Boost smoking flavors

Besides marinades, you can experiement with different smoking wookds to boost the flavors. Use fruity woods like apple or cherry for a touch of sweetness. Hickory or mesquite woods give a deep smoky taste. Add wood chips to a smoker box and incorporate smoke indirectly or place smoking pouches directly on the coals.

Choose healthy

Barbeque foods are associated with indulgence but you can make it healthier. Choose leaner meat cuts or lean ground beef for burgers. You can even experiment with vegetarian options like grilled veggie skewers or Portobello mushroom burgers. Pair your grilled protein with healthy sides like quinoa salad, grilled vegetables or a refreshing fruit salad.

Cleaning the grill

Once the flames die down, preheat the grill to high and brush leftover food particles. For a more thorough cleaning, use a grill brush while the grates are still hot. A clean grill means no build-up of harmful toxins and prevents harmful contamination of food flavour next time.

Barbeque is an on-going journey, where you can explore new flavour, different techniques and most importantly have fun!

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